For manufacturers

For manufacturers

The food ingredient market

16.32 USD

Global immune health supplements market value worth

29.40 USD

Expected market value worth by 2027


Percentage of respondents who aim to improve their immunity in the next 12 months

BeniCaros focuses on major unmet need to support immune health

Immune health is widely perceived as a foundation for good health explaining the growing consumer demand for products in this category. While diet and exercise are important to maintain health, research suggests that consumers are looking for added benefits from their everyday foods and beverages.  More than ever consumers are looking for functional foods and supplements to address their desired health benefits – with immune support being high on their agenda. According to the recent survey, 67% of global consumers seek products supporting immune health3.

3.FMCG Gurus: What’s Next for Immune Health, 2021

NutriLeads works with partners to bring health benefits to consumers

Since it was founded in 2012, NutriLeads has been developing a portfolio of sustainable and natural ingredients that are clinically proven to support human health.

After the development and production of its health ingredients, NutriLeads partners with food, beverages and supplement companies that add the ingredients into their products, to bring health benefits to consumers. If you are interested in partnering with NutriLeads to use its immune health ingredient BeniCaros® in your products, please contact us.

BeniCaros is ready for formulation into consumer products


• Is a completely soluble and easy to disperse (granulated) powder format.
• As a dry ingredient, it has at least four-years shelf life.
• Is highly stable in a wide variety of processed food products applications and dietary supplement formulations
• was launched in October 2021 and is now commercially available in the US.
• is ready for formulation in a variety of food products.
• can carry a differentiating immune structure/function claim in the US.

Preparation for market access in Europe is ongoing including the review of the Novel Food dossier by EFSA.

Label friendly

BeniCaros®, with an effective daily dose of 300 mg can be included as fiber on the nutrition or supplements fact label. It can be declared as soluble carrot fiber on the ingredient list.

Ingredient characteristics

  • Natural
  • Plant-derived
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free
  • Tasteless
  • Odourless
  • Water soluble
  • Heat stable
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Vegetarian


Incorporating BeniCaros into the daily food regimen can enhance the value of a product by offering clinically demonstrated immune health benefits. BeniCaros can be easily incorporated into a wide range of potential consumer products. All without compromising on taste and texture or ease of consumption

More than ever, consumers want convenience, flexibility, choice, and variety. BeniCaros® offers science-substantiated, innovative immune health benefits that can be formulated into a product as the stand-alone functional ingredient for supporting immune health or combined with other benefit-driven ingredients to form multi-function products or supplements. To meet consumer convenience BeniCaros® can be added to innovative functional foods and beverages such as snacks, gummies, sports drinks, cereals and nutritional bars, all without compromising on taste, texture, odour or ease of consumption.

Functional foods and beverages

Consumers are turning toward functional foods to incorporate health-beneficial ingredients into their daily routine and to meet their wellness goals.

BeniCaros® can be easily formulated into functional foods and beverages such as snacks, gummies, sports drinks, health shots, cereals and nutritional bars, to meet the convenience and variety needs of busy adults.


A recent survey demonstrated that 69% of global dietary supplement users regularly take supplements to support their immune health4. Supplements remain in demand as consumers adopt a holistic approach to immune health, focusing on healthy eating and exercise.

BeniCaros® is a scientifically substantiated immune health ingredient, a solution that can easily be incorporated and combined with micronutrients into a variety of dietary supplements in different formats such as gummies, capsules, tablets, and shots that will suit consumer’s lifestyle.

4.DSM Consumer Immunity Panel, March 2021

Ruud Albers, PhD-co-founder and CSO of NutriLeads, talks about BeniCaros and the supporting scientific evidence at Vitafoods Europe 2021.

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