BeniCaros® is an award-winning natural immune health ingredient. It is a unique polysaccharide derived from upcycled carrot pomace, a by-product of carrot juice production. This fiber is also known as rhamnogalacturonan-I (RG-I), and we define the specific carrot-derived RG-I in the NutriLeads ingredient by the trade name BeniCaros® (commercial name)

RG-I (Rhamnogalacturonan-I) is a complex polysaccharide. It is part of pectin, which is a major component in the cell walls of all plants. It is also referred to as the complex part or the hairy part of the pectin and it is precisely this complexity of the compound that is responsible for most of its activity. We developed the proprietary extraction method that enables us to unlock the goodness of RG-I from the cell wall of carrot pomace.

BeniCaros® (cRG-I) trains your immune system to be at its best when it matters the most. Clinical studies have shown that BeniCaros® helps train your healthy immune system and put it in the best position to respond to viruses faster.

When consumed as a dietary supplement or an ingredient in a functional food, for example, BeniCaros® reaches the small intestine intact, where it can be recognized by cells that are part of the innate immune system. This recognition is the first step towards training the body’s immune responsiveness.
BeniCaros® then moves to the large intestine, where it is fermented by gut microbiota. It selectively stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms and leads to the increased production of metabolites such as short chain fatty acids (SCFA)s. SCFAs  can leave the gut and move around the body via circulation and can also interact with immune cells, thereby influencing immune responsiveness.
The immune cells recognized and ‘trained’ by BeniCaros® in the small intestine can move throughout the body. When they reach the respiratory tract (or other locations), they play an important role in the early immune response against infections.
Because trained immune cells can respond faster, people consuming BeniCaros® can experience less severe symptoms for a shorter duration if they are infected by a common cold virus, for example.

It’s not that simple. BeniCaros® (cRG-I) is tightly bound inside the cell walls of carrots, so it needs to be unlocked before it can have an effect in the body. Our proprietary extraction method unlocks the goodness of cRG-I from carrot pomace.

No, BeniCaros® is not a micronutrient, it is a complex polysaccharide (fiber). It does help to support the immune system, albeit in a different way to micronutrients. The immune system needs vitamins and minerals to be able to function normally. However, to be at its best, the immune system also needs to be trained. BeniCaros® trains the immune system and this helps to support innate immune responses.
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Based on our clinical studies, we recommend a dose of 0.3 g/day.

Healthy individuals older than 18 years.

BeniCaros® does display prebiotic properties. However, to be officially classed as a prebiotic, we need to show that the effects of BeniCaros® on gut microbiota modulation can be directly linked to a health benefit. We are currently conducting studies to show this.

BeniCaros® is safe and can be taken every day. BeniCaros® has been investigated in several clinical studies, which showed it is safe for use by healthy adults.

Several clinical studies have demonstrated that daily consumption of BeniCaros® is safe for healthy adults. No side effects have been associated with the recommended daily intake. Individuals with serious medical conditions or taking prescription medications should always consult a healthcare practitioner before taking BeniCaros®.

Materials that were once considered waste are given a new lease of life in the circular economy through upcycling. In this case, the side stream from carrot juice production is carrot pomace. This material is often discarded or used for animal feed, while it still contains valuable ingredients that have added value for human health, like cRG-I. We upcycle carrot pomace to produce BeniCaros®.